We’re getting ready to go through all of the steps to inform SoundCloud of our intentions and place the app for free in the WP7 Marketplace, but we’re also still in development. We’re also planning on a paid version to support the app in the future which will have more cool features. The free version will allow any SoundCloud user to check out their songs, favorites, the songs and favs of their followers, and other features. Right now, I use Vapor everyday to listen to my mixes (http://soundcloud.com/ice911) and friends, so it is in working condition at this moment. Hopefully, everyone will be able to listen to SoundCloud on their WP7 devices too! Please follow us and we’ll keep you updated! Thanks!
Release date: undetermined


Comments on: "What’s going on with Vapor right now?" (4)

  1. great work, dude! Thx!!! Waiting for the app!

  2. Thanks! Shooting for this month now!

  3. Thanks for the initiative and great work !!
    I was thinking of developing one myself, but you beat me to it and well, from the screenshots, the app looks so awesome!

    My best wishes for the success of this app in the marketplace. Do let me know if you need resources or help.

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