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The Dream – Take Care Of Me (Figure Remix)

We will take care of you and your SoundCloud needs, but while we are taking care of business in San Fran this week take a listen to this SICK remix…I personally did not expect the DnB to drop that hard!


Yes!! Almost done!

I’m spending my entire 4 hour flight to San Francisco to finish Vapor, and get it into the marketplace! I will send the final version to my partner to test for bugs, and everyone should be able to use Vapor possibly by next week! We didn’t get to do everything we’ve wanted with the initial release, but we’re gonna continue to improve the free version and listen to your input and comments. Thanks for following us!

BONUS: Spynel – Scratching

It sounds Spynel went non-stop through a nice chunk of the battle record they have used to create this amazing array of sounds! Check it out!

Four Tet – Glasshead (Output, 1999)

Justice-Genesis (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix!)

My Partner posted up Daft Punk – Derezzed (The Glitch Mob Remix), so of course I had to post up a Justice track!
This track is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An electro house remix by Go Go Bizkitt! ( of Justice’s hit song “Genesis,” where Go Go Bizkitt! actually takes the famous drop out of the song, which gives this track a blast of energy! Check it out!

WP7 Multitasking Caught on Video = Vapor playing in the background

Right now, Vapor can play behind the locked phone screen, but it is shutdown when you leave the app by pressing the back or start button and when events like phone calls happen. This video shows that we may be able to take advantage of being able to play music in the background while you are texting, emailing, surfing, etc.

Not possible right now, but Vapor will utilize this feature when it becomes available!

The top three things that scare me while developing Vapor…

3.) Hearing no sound because I’ve forgot to turn up the volume…:(
2.) Failed login because I’ve mis-typed my password….:(
1.) When SoundCloud is on a scheduled downtime, and I didn’t know…Hands down, the scariest!

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