This is just the tip of what we want to do with this feature! You may not be able to see it very well, but below the waveform is a tagcloud based on the playing track. How can you have a SoundCloud app without a tagcloud?!?!  The tagcloud represents quick and easy information which is perfect for a mobile device! Plus, this is the first video released of Vapor at it’s current stage, so we hope you enjoy! (No Sound…Sorry!)

Mark Monster is credited for the basis of the tagcloud code!



Comments on: "Vapor (powered by SoundCloud) for WP7 – Tagcloud feature" (3)

  1. OMG!!! Look´s so nice! VCool!!!!
    Thx for your work!!!!

  2. Is this app already on Marketplace?
    Can I download it using phone or zune? 😉

    • Not quite yet…although it was approved to be in the market.
      Field testing is currently being done, but hoping for it to be back on the market soon.
      You’ll hear it here on the blog first!

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