No more teasing…

Thanks to Henrik Lenberg for pushing our app through on!

We’re hoping for our update to pass the test into the MarketPlace sometime this day, which would mean the app would most likely be available the next day.

You’ll find out here first!!!


Comments on: "No more teasing…" (9)

  1. Congratulations, you guys!
    Looking forward to this app!

    • Thanks! Still lots of work to do to make it unique from just another SoundCloud player, but we’re looking forward to it!

      • Hi guys,
        Got this app! It is FAST. So well done there.

        A couple of suggestions:
        On the screen that shows the “album art”,

        1. it would be nice to see a Zune like interface, where the album cover is much smaller, with the title underneath (and a track-time indicator)

        2. Information such as likes, followers, number of comments can also be shown.

        2. Your tags could be subtly faded-out like you have now.

        Other than that, I think you already know what to do.

        Search, favorites et al.

        Thanks once again for such a quality app and keep up the good work.


      • Thanks for the complements! We made sure to make sure it was a fast as could be! Plus, live streaming is the only way to go when you want your music to play as soon as you click the play button.
        On your suggestions, these are really good suggestions that made us rethink the whole UI design, so we are keep these thoughts going and see what comes of it. We love the pandora-like display so far, but we may give the option of switching to a zune like display in the settings. Anything could happen when it comes to UIs especially if the users have suggestions ;). One thing to note on the large size of the album art is that way because it was meant for you to view more information without leaving the screen ( and keep the clean and simple metro theme of WP7 with cluttering the screen) and control certain functionality via gestures with your fingers. We hope our bigger finger sized users would appreciate the extra space…As of right now, you can double tap and flick the album art to do certain actions. We haven’t utilized it to its fullest yet, but most likely favoriting and sharing will be done from this spot too. As I said before, things change, so we will continue to discuss it, and we would appreciate anymore UI suggestions you have as new stuff appear.
        As for what is next, we do want to get more SoundCloud functionality in the app, but want to make it clear that we are not SoundCloud, and we will diverge from that as we continue this project. Right now, Search, Theme color change, and Soundcloud-like track commenting are being worked on and expected in the next two weeks. Keep your eyes open!

        Thanks for the comments!

  2. I see the app in Marketplace but no download option in Spain….

    • Most likely…That is a page that hasn’t been updated yet. We put the app into the MarketPlace last week, but took it down to fix some bugs, so the page is still floating around without download access. As of right now, we’re still waiting for approval, so there should be no download link until this happens.

    • The app should be in the Marketplace now…We hope it works for you! Please let us know!

  3. Hi guys,

    Thanks for hearing me out!
    I have a couple of concept PSD’s for the UI. Would you like to check them out. I would love to volunteer just because this app is that good.

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