We need your help!!!

The app is now available! (Marketplace only)

So what’s next?

We know there are a lot of things missing so far, but it’s the first release! We’ll take all of the complaints about not having search and/or the ability to favorite tracks and etc. so that Soundcloud user of WP7 can listen to their music on the go. The app was geared towards the artists and listeners who loves to show off their latest tracks and listen to their favorite tracks, but things change. The app is still very young, and we’re ready to improve it.

This is where you come in…

We have our own plans on how to improve and add the features that we all know and love, but what would help you, the mobile Soundcloud user, enjoy your music on the go? Please let us know! You can comment here or email us at vaporsound@gmail.com

Bugs, comments, help, improvements, etc
Please email/comment to us…it is the quickest way to get things moving!



Comments on: "We need your help!!!" (8)

  1. nice work! the apps is perfect!!! thanks!!!!

  2. I just installed your app, looks great,
    i’ve been waiting for it! thanks

    • Thanks! Please rate that app in the Marketplace when you find the time! We will be updating the app soon so be on the lookout for the updated version too!

  3. Been waiting a very long time for this app and what a great job you have done with it, so far so good. I can see from your replies etc you are still working hard on adding new features that have been requested etc. What would be another good feature, if you could integrate it with the people hub so your app opens when clicking links that people post instead of being directed to the soundcloud.com website.

    Keep up the great work!!!!

    • Thanks so much for the support!
      Your idea of integrating with the people hub is a very good idea, and we were not really thinking of doing anything of the sort, but we’re glad you’ve brought it up. These kinds of feature helps us think of unique things the app could do, and keeps us exploring options beyond our thinking. This is such a good idea that we will have to research on how possible something like this is. I didn’t know Microsoft gave us that kind of rights on the WP7 platform, but I know there is an update at the end of the year full of goodies for everyone towards the end of the year. We can’t wait to have Vapor playing in the background while using other apps in a true multitasking environment! Hopefully, these features open the door for more exciting ideas as the one you’ve presented. Thanks and please keep the ideas coming! šŸ™‚

  4. I’m sure it can be done as links you click on for youtube open up the Youtube WP7 app.

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