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Thanks for rating Vapor!

4.5/5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to say thank you for rating Vapor!

I’ve been following and listening to your advice through the MarketPlace rating system.

Hoping to make the next version even better!




My Samsung Focus is broke!!!

Sad to say, my Samsung Focus will no longer connect to my computer, so I can’t test on actual hardware. I’m stuck to working on the emulator which is by nature error prone, and I will not be able to test in not so friendly mobile environments (i.e. low connectivity). Poor gesture detection and no accelerometer emulation yet either… So until I get another phone, I may have to push the next release date back. Nothing beats real world testing…

New release for Vapor: July 25th, 2011 – Dashboard, People search, Add Comments, and More

We’ve set a date for the new release of Vapor version 2011.07.25

Main features (expected, but not confirmed):


People search

Add comments


People hub Integration (?)


Get your request in before the release of the next version if you really need it or would love to see it in this version!

Please don’t forget to vote for Vapor in the Marketplace!



Thundercat – Daylight

Childish Gambino – Untouchable


Troy from NBC’s “The Community”!

“…option to hide the track waveforms!”

“Tell these guys at @soundcloud to give us the option to hide the track waveforms ! maybe they’ll hear us. Maybe not, obviously they’re dumb” – @flyinglotus!/flyinglotus/status/81420495454605312





New Vapor Themes

lightTheme: The original theme for Vapor.

darkTheme: aka “The Battery Saver.” Good for a rainy day or a “leave me alone so I can listen to my music” day.

soundcloudTheme: Homage to Soundcloud! For the time you want to go a little crazy! Go for it!

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