Vapor 2011.07.19b has passed certification and is on it’s way out to be publicly available in the MarketPlace. To be honest, there’s not too much to this update, but the ability to change the color theme Vapor uses and fix some bugs that may have bothered some users. The crash rate of the app is pretty low compared to the approximate use and download of Vapor, so we suspect there are not too many problems. One thing though, this is the first release that has not be tested on an actual device, so i’m a little nervous about that. If you notice any problems, please let us know! Thanks! Look forward to a newer update with new goodies!



Comments on: "Vapor 2011.07.19b will be downloadable in the next 24 hours!" (2)

  1. definitelyNeeded said:

    I just downloaded your app in my WP (windows Phone) Phone and found that I need to have soundclound account to use the app but I don’t have account. Will you able to update you app for users like me who just follows few channels/profile but doesn’t produce any content.


    • Thanks for the input!
      This was going to be a feature when we created Vapor, but we’ve decided not to do that because the app was programmed to expect a user. I’ve always wanted to do this, and I think we will. I’m not sure about the next update though…possibly! I’ll keep you posted on the blog! Thanks again!

      BTW: Soundcloud has free accounts as you may already know, but we do understand that sometimes users don’t exactly need or want an another account.

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