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Marketplace now open for Mango app submission

“We are now accepting and certifying Mango apps through the App Hub! This means that new and existing titles optimized for Windows Phone 7.5 have begun publishing. This is not to say that Mango will arrive on existing devices in the coming days (sorry, not quite yet). It does, however, mean that people running Mango pre-release builds will see these new apps and games. And of course, in addition to new and updated apps for Mango, the nearly 30,000 Windows Phone app and game titles available today will also run on Mango. Learn more about what we’ve added to help bring great Mango apps to market.” – Microsoft


Vapor is still ACTIVE!

I haven’t forgot about Vapor….I’ve just been busy with other projects and life (plus my WP7 is broken, so i can’t test on a real phone — my testing phase is at the same time it gets released and everyone else downloads it from the marketplace including myself–lol). Just wanted to say still kicking!

BTW: i’ve been keeping track of all of your request, comments, ratings, and issues. All being looked into…


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