A 30-min mix of afro, latin, deep, soulful house music.
Artwork by Willie Bester:
Willie Bester has tried to touch-base an important theme in his creation named Semakazi. Bester is a yet another progressive thinker who has tried to depict the condition of migrant workers in South Africa. The art work outlines the fact that during those times, none of the migrant workers received a pension or a secure and respectable retirement, once their tenure was over.
This painting is a collage of images depicting various aspects of his life. At the centre, there is Semekazi’s bed which has been shown in the form of a prison, in which he has been captivated. In the foreground, there is a bible which has been connected to the bed by a chain. The illustration symbolizes that during those times, African nations were run on Christian beliefs. To the left of the bed, there is an image of a family which clearly states that Willie always aspired to lead a family life.


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